Samstag, 31. März 2012

Offener Brief an Google

Dear +Google+Andy Rubin+Vic Gundotra and the +Android Team:

I write you here in public on behalf of the European customers you have. We are many, we want to have good content and we want to have this content available an our Android Handsets and Tablets.

Let's face it: When it comes to commercially available content, there is at this moment no alternative to iTunes and Apple. As you might imagine, a lot of us would rather prefer to have one arm removed than giving our money to Apple.

We do clearly understand that it is more than just difficult to get the right to distribute commercial content in Europe and that you have to get the right for every single European country.

But there have you ever thought of an alternative way of providing content... just alternative content? Let's say: open your Play Store to artists from jamendo, open the Bookstore to writers that are willing and able to write for their European audience.

I have heard that "on the internets" there is a lot of content that is not owned by Warner, Fox, HBO etc. Why don´t try with this type of content, so you can try to satisfy customer demand?

A lot of us think that Google is a great company with a lot of great and good products, and we all clearly love and enjoy Android... but we think as well that here in good ol' Europe you could probably do a better job.

Don't be like the german guys from that do not allow me to buy a german eBook, because they do not ship to Spain. We have learned that the internet has no borders and we would like to see Google acting in a more global and borderless way.

Oh and one last thing: I personally thing that you underestimate you userbase here in Europe.

via Google+

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